What in detail is the ABFX point of difference?

In a nutshell the ABFX point of difference is how we work collaboratively with all the parties to successfully process a commercial funding transaction.

Traditionally when a borrower is looking for commercial funds they go directly to a bank or a finance broker they know. Two things are then in play – firstly is the bank approached the most appropriate with the best terms and in the case of the finance broker is that broker the most experienced and best one to package and submit your transaction and further does the broker have the full array of lenders.

The ABFX point of difference is this – firstly when you submit your transaction an ABFX specialist undertakes a preliminary analysis of the transaction – in certain cases will speak to specific lenders on a ‘no names’ basis to better appraise – and then with your approval submit to an Accredited ABFX Facilitator who is a proven performer in the area of finance you require.

The ABFX then closely monitor progress and work with the Accredited Facilitator and the ABFX register of funders to get the transaction fully packaged and submitted and ideally get the transaction placed.

In essence the ABFX is about getting the best facilitator to package your transaction and then the best array of lenders to get the transaction set.

Why should I do business with ABFX and not directly with the Banks?

We clearly understand that there will be those who wish to deal directly with their bank and have a relationship accordingly. However for those who want to package their transaction fully and explore all finance avenues – debt – mezzequity – equity – ABFX simplifies and facilitates the process. ABFX offers you one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of lenders which include all the Banks.

The ABFX understands that in many cases each finance transaction is unique and different and that each borrower often has their own set of unique circumstances. Experience has shown that a key to a successful outcome is appointing the most skilled person in a particular finance area to undertake the transaction. Using our Accredited Facilitators who are “best of breed “assist optimises your chances of success saving you time and money.

Can I apply over the phone for a loan?

It’s very important to understand that dealing with large volumes makes it very difficult to talk to everyone over the phone. ABFX has a process in place for applying for a loan through us. We require you to complete an online application through our website which will be immediately acknowledged by the ABFX. ABFX will always respond to you with a preliminary assessment – in some cases having made initial funder investigations

What if I do not believe that my Accredited Facilitator is performing?

This is another important reason to use the ABFX. The ABFX monitoring team will be fully involved in each transaction. We will be monitoring each transaction very closely as we firmly believe in ensuring a high level of customer service and accountability. We have been through a thorough process of accrediting all our Facilitators. Should you need any assistance please contact the ABFX as a priority on (07) 3233 3899

What if I require a ‘cocktail’ of finance?

ABFX is set up to work not only the standard run of the mill type deals but also complex deals. Where there is a funding shortfall we are able to use our database of lenders to help us with mezzanine equity and structured equity raising type deals. Here in lies the strength of the ABFX as opposed to other similar players in the marketplace. The ABFX not only has a broad range of debt and equity funders but specialises in mezzequity and mezzanine funds, equity, private and high net worth individual funds, and venture capital, to name a few.

What are the timelines of a transaction?

Once we receive your application we will acknowledge it within 4 – 6 hours. An email confirming receipt of the transaction will be sent to you. An initial assessment will be done within 24- 48 hours and in many cases would have made initial funding enquiries with the most suitable lender. We will then send it to our most qualified Facilitator local to your location and send you an email confirming who will contact you and by what date/time subject to your availability. The transaction is then progressed to achieve timely approval and settlement.

Do I need to pay any money up front for packaging and processing?

It’s important to understand that we are specialists in this field. We will be charging an upfront fee of only $200 for each transaction we receive through our website. For this nominal fee we will make an initial assessment of the transaction, liaise with you if we require any further information and also make initial funding enquiries with our most suitable database of lenders on a no name basis.