Accredited ABFX Facilitators

The ABFX understands that in many cases each finance transaction is unique and different and that each borrower often have their own set of unique circumstances. Experience has shown that a key to a successful outcome is appointing the most skilled person in a particular finance area to undertake the transaction.

The ABFX have established a register of experienced and skilled finance facilitators nationally and have undertaken an extensive accreditation process of those facilitators in their particular area of expertise – be it commercial finance, project finance, construction finance, leasing finance, venture capital or equity finance.

Having chosen the ‘best of the breed’ the ABFX is able to optimise funding success using the facilitators skills along with the ABFX extensive database of funders.

As the ABFX will have accredited facilitators in most areas of Australia when a funding application is submitted we target that a facilitator who knows and understands the local financial and economic environment is chosen. However, the ABFX has a strict policy that ‘local’ will never take precedence over ‘skill and expertise’.