Funders Register

What is this register?

The ABFX has a broad range of debt and equity funders which include mainstream banks, non-banks, mezzanine funds, equity, private and high net worth individual funds, and venture capital, to name a few, in an updated profile, a register most intermediaries would find ‘near impossible’ to maintain

The national register includes a large and diversified panel of all types of lenders. It is this register which readily contributes to the success of a large number of commercial transactions.This register optimises the chances of a successful outcome for any commercial transaction, and in effect helps facilitate our Accredited Finance Facilitator to successfully cater for all types of commercial funding situations

The national register is under constant development and refinement to continually deliver a comprehensive register of funders with full search capabilities to “marry” the funder and borrowers specific criteria such as interest rate, security type and terms .