Why ABFX Works

Don’t spend your precious time attempting to get a commercial transaction funded by going to all the wrong places? Why go to a General Practitioner if you have a heart problem when you can go to a specialist? Commercial Finance runs along the same premise that if you work with highly specialized companies like the ABFX you have the best opportunity of transaction funding success. The ABFX offer a high level of expertise as we utilize our ABFX Accredited Finance Facilitators “best of the breed”.

The ABFX optimizes chances of success, why? because with its already existing large database of debt and equity funders we are continually updating funder profiles and establishing new funder relationships which is crucial to the success of your transaction. This is critical to ours and your success when dealing with us. Most importantly exploring all products and the terms of lending of those funders. In a world where funders, funding products and funding terms are evolving and changing so quickly this is an essential service.

Importantly the ABFX specializes in ‘packaging’ finance transaction (particularly the more complex transactions) into ‘bankable’ format using our Accredited Commercial Finance Facilitators to optimize the success rate and timeframe with funders. The ABFX has both a broad range of debt funders such as main stream banks as well as funders who specialize in mezzequity / mezzanine funds, equity, private and high net worth individual funds, and venture capital, to name a few. The ABFX target a funders register most others would find ‘near impossible’ to maintain.

For intermediaries who operate solely or in a small team or regional, the ABFX essentially becomes your ‘collaborative commerce’ partner to optimize success. The ABFX can become your vital conduit to ‘the big city’ funders using our national team of specialized accredited finance facilitators and national database of funders