ABFX Project Connect

Download the ABFX Project Connect fact sheet below.

Project Connect Factsheet

What is it you need when seeking commercial finance?

  • The most suitable person or organisation to skilfully understand and handle your funding requirements.
  • Access to the broadest range of financiers as possible to achieve a successful outcome on the best possible terms.
  • A successful settlement in the least possible time.

The team at ABFX has extensive experience in finance, capital, property, investments and finance facilitation.

They are committed to achieving the best outcome possible.

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What is the ABFX point of difference?

  • Being a true clearing house handling large volumes, we clearly see which funders are performing on specific loan types and the terms and conditions of those funders. This is vital to be able to effectively place funding transactions.
  • The ABFX ‘mandate’ is to ensure that every transaction is facilitated and packaged by an expert in the field of the transaction type to ensure the best possible success rate of funding. This experience and expertise is sourced from the ABFX national register of accredited commercial finance facilitators.
  • We have the unique ability to optimise successful outcomes in conjunction with the accredited finance facilitator using the ABFX database of funders.
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What is the ABFX process in summary?

  1. Complete an online application which will be immediately acknowledged by the ABFX.
  2. ABFX will always respond to you with a preliminary assessment – in some cases having made initial funder investigations.
  3. ABFX will choose an accredited facilitator who is also approved by you to progress the transaction.
  4. Accredited facilitator communicates directly with you on all aspects of the transaction.
  5. ABFX and facilitator utilise both their funding databases to place the funding requirements.
  6. ABFX monitors all progress to ensure satisfactory result.
  7. The ABFX target is settlement of the transaction on the best possible terms in the least time.
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