ABFX Regional Queensland Awards 2012

The Inaugural ABFX  Business Personality and Young Business Personality Awards – Regional Qld

The Australian Business Financial Exchange is proud to announce the inaugural ABFX Business Personality and ABFX Young Business Personality 2012. The award will showcase the achievements of a business personality within the respective regions. The award will honour a business personality that has clearly demonstrated the core values of business excellence, excellence of service, impact on local/regional community, social and environmental contributions. The winning candidate from each region will be selected through an acknowledgement of an innovative business process, product development, and entrepreneurial spirit, corporate responsibility and overall commercial success. Central to every application will be the themes of ‘how we got our business financed’, how we used finance innovatively and ‘what were the key things to make our business successful’.

Judging from each region will be from a panel of judges from the local communities comprising business and media personalities. The winner from each region will participate in the national Queensland titles at the Ramada Hervey Bay.

Quoting Tim Wright ”The ABFX is acutely aware of the limited access to finance in regional Queensland and the lack of recognition given to local and regional businesses in Queensland. Access to commercial finance has become increasingly difficult.  The ABFX seeks to remedy this by providing regional Queensland with the full range of debt and equity financing currently available in the major capital cities. The broader vision for the ABFX (a Queensland based company itself) is for greater commercial success in regional Queensland businesses resulting in the retention of business talent and entrepreneurial spirit within regional Queensland. The inaugural ABFX awards are a step to recognising the achievement s of business talent in regional Queensland against the background of the challenges of the last few years. The impact of the Queensland floods and the GFC has been a challenge to businesses in regional Queensland. In spite of these challenges there are countless businesses that have gone from strength to strength and the ABFX awards will acknowledge these achievements.”

The details of the awards will be announced soon.