ABFX… Innovative commercial finance platform … is the difference
ABFX… Transaction management system … is the difference
ABFX… Experience and knowledge management … is the difference

ABFX Membership is not designed to be a passive membership with intangible benefits – but Members interacting with the ABFX and actually ‘doing business and making money’ from ‘real transactions’.

The seven principal classes of memberships are:

  1. Referral Members – intermediaries who wish to actively refer business to the ABFX such as real estate agents
  2. Professional Members – such as accountants, lawyers, engineers and architects
  3. Funder Members – we encourage all our funders (debt and equity) to be a Member of the ABFX.
  4. Finance Broker Members – professional finance brokers who are integral to the ABFX
  5. Property Development Members – property developers and related industries who are specifically involved in property development
  6. Construction Contract Members – building companies and construction contractors
  7. Business Broker Members – professional business brokers who will benefit from ABFX membership

ABFX Membership targets active revenue generation and financial benefits for all parties – both the Member and ABFX. Integral to this is collaborative networking and knowledge management. Revenue for Members is from both direct business as well as ‘referral’.

Importantly, the key ways this is achieved?

ABFX Alerts!

Different Memberships will be targeted with different ABFX Alerts which offer specific opportunities. Generally these are short bullet point 1 or 2 page Alert with key details of the opportunity and requesting ‘feedback’. For instance:

Finance Alert! – as soon as ABFX are aware of special finance packages such as property, business finance or debtor finance such will be directed to Professional Members such as accountants so they can advise clients. This will generate both business for the accountant and referral fees. It will also make them fully aware of ‘the market place with up to the minute currency’.

Equity Alert! – the need for capital for a property project or a business will be provided to our Equity Funder Members. Importantly this Alert may well be directed to our Referral Members and our Finance Broker Members as to who may be able to assist with the placement of such equity.

Funders Alert! – these are very regular to the ABFX Funders database seeking funding for a whole range of requirements.

Joint Venture Alert! – this may well be a JV opportunity to our property development members advising of a prospective Joint Venture.

Business Alert! – this may be a specific business opportunity requiring business capital or a business sale directed to our business members.

Site Alert! – this may well outline a building opportunity to our construction contractor members.

Sales Alerts! – would outline a project sales opportunity to our investment seller members.

While ABFX specifically tailors Alerts for different groups there will be no restriction on who will receive what Alert. For instance the ABFX has accountants who have high net worth individual clients who wish to receive the Equity Alerts.

Collaborative Network Management

With the Vigilare computer system the ABFX has a powerful network management capability so the ‘right people’ are networked with the ‘right people’.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is not only ‘information’ but importantly knowing ‘who should be talking to who’. The ABFX specialise in ‘who should be talking to who’ and the process of how to acquire that knowledge from its network.

Brains Trust Meetings

Members will be invited to specific ABFX ‘brains trust’ meetings to be held in different cities to resolve specific financing problems.

ABFX – Turning Finance Prospect to Finance Reality

The ABFX Philosophy

The ABFX platform embraces ‘knowledge management’ and ‘collaborative networking’ as such are the foundation of the most successful and timely finance solutions.

With the ABFX platform of accredited specialists, funders, professional members, developers and referral partners the ‘ABFX world’ focuses on experience, knowledge and information management linked with the power of collaboration, to achieve optimal outcomes for finance, investment and development.

In essence, the ABFX utilises the knowledge resources of key networks to assist members to achieve success. The ABFX prides itself in ‘the ABFX brains trust approach’ to find effective and workable solutions for all types of financing requirements.

Imagination is the beginning of creation – George Bernard Shaw

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